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"Hooper has his ensemble snapping and crackling with energised precision"

- Sydney Morning Herald


"Choreography by Sam Hooper is perfectly executed”

- Theatre Thoughts Aus

Sam trained as a dancer from the age of 11 across jazz, contemporary, tap, and acrobatics. He often pairs Choreography and Direction together, working on both departments when creating the creative vision for his shows.


His work on Catch Me If You Can won the Bruce award for "Best Choreography", and he received a Sydney Theatre Award nomination for his choreographic work in City of Angels.


In 2018 Sam returned to the Victorian College of the Arts to complete his Postgrad thesis: The development and enhancement of movement narrative in live theatre, which looked at actors movement techniques and their uses in devising theatre.

SamHooper_DeathSuitsYou__Photo (c)Alex Brenner__1DC3020_nh_s.jpg

Choreography Reel

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